The Secret to Streak Free Foundation!

For starters when buying a new foundation always check it on your jawline, not your hand (the skin on your hand is a completely different shade and texture to the skin on your face). If possible take a friend with you so they can help you advise on the best shade to match your skin.

How many people apply their foundation with their fingers or a sponge? I know I used to, until I was introduced to the wonder that is the foundation brush. It seems like an extravagance but if you buy a decent brush (I use the Body Shop foundation brush £12) then it’s well worth the money and a one off purchase. I bought my first brush about 5 years ago and I’ve not lost one bristle and it’s still as good today as it was 5 years ago!

The foundation brush will allow you to apply your liquid or cream foundation (doesn’t work with mousse foundations) very evenly and blending is so easy! Don’t forget to work your foundation down into your neck!

The foundation brush also means you use less foundation, just a pea sized blob should be enough for one normal application.

You will need to wash your brush once a week in hot soapy water. They’re very easy to clean and the softness of the brush immediately returns once it’s washed.

I really feel you don’t have to spend a fortune on foundations, you just need to use them correctly!

5 point guide to applying foundation
1. Chose the right shade, check it on your jawline
2. Buy a good foundation brush
3. Don’t use too much foundation, you don’t need to and the brush helps to blend well
4. Work it into your neck too!
5. Wash your brush regularly to get the most from it!

Beauty By Emily Faith – This is me!


Hello! My names Emily and I’m a make-up addict! No really I am. In the same way that magpies are drawn to sparkly things I’m a complete sucker for anything make-up. New products that hit the market or just a new lippy shade and I’m sold!!!

This blog is all about the experience I’ve had whilst running my own business in Bridal Make-up. The ups and downs (thankfully mostly ups!!), whilst reviewing products and giving you tips and advice on how to achieve the latest make-up trends and fashions.

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