Tips for a bride to be…. and relax…


Do you worry that you’re going to be a bag of nerves on your wedding day? This is perfectly normal. Yes I appreciate that I’m not married (I’m regularly reminded of this fact) but I do have experience of being there. I’ve seen extreme nerves a few times but more often than not brides are just rediculously excited, and with good reason. I thought I would tell you a few tales from my wedding travels and give you a few tips on how to relax and ultimately enjoy it.

Tips to keeping your cool!

1. Try to get a good nights sleep, don’t eat or drink too much the night before as this could easily disturb your normal sleeping patterns. Try to read to help you drop off properly and think about something else. A good tip is starting a good book about a week before the day. This will mean you ‘ve got something to take your mind off it all and you can get lost in it the night before to get you off to sleep.

2. Try to eat breakfast. I know many brides who are so afraid of getting into their dress that they miss breakfast. This isn’t a good idea. Obviously maybe avoid a massively fatty heavy fry up but you must eat. To line your stomach if nothing else.

3. Don’t drink too much. Obviously a glass of fizz or two with your bridal party is lovely, but don’t over do it. The last thing you won’t to be remembered for is being that drunk bride!! 🙂

4. Delegate! You’ll have lots of people around you to help out with delivering things, making tea, tidying, meeting and greeting etc. Give people you can trust these jobs and then you don’t have to worry about it.

5. Have a relaxing bath. Have a deep bubble bath with relaxtion bubbles. Tests have shown that baths actually relax you, plus its 20 mins to yourself. Enjoy it, you’ll be surrounded by people wanting to talk to you for the rest of the day.

6. Try to be well organised. i.e don’t be packing for your honeymoon on the morning of your wedding. Ensure all you need to think about is getting you ready and having fun!

7. Put the phone down! Get a bridesmaid / family member to answer your mobile. Most people won’t ring you on your wedding day but just in case there is a crisis (which there won’t be), they can look after it for you.

8. If you can, get a bit of fresh air. On Katy’s wedding day she took the dog for a walk. Initally I thought, why is she walking the dog on her wedding day, surely someone else can do this? But actually it’s a great way to relax and do something perfectly normal.

9. Make a good time plan with your hairdresser and make-up artist. They will know what they’re doing so can advise you how long things will take and when’s best for them to arrive. So don’t be afraid to keep them in the loop. If they say they need 4 hours then that’s what needs to happen, trust them. That’s what you’re paying them for.

I did a wedding a while ago that was a last minute booking where timings hadn’t been discussed, all was very stressful and rushed and the bride was still getting ready when the church bells (which you could hear in the distance) stopped ringing. Don’t be her! Plan ahead! believe me your hired help will thank you for it!

10. Give your a suppliers a quick bell a few days before the wedding. Just put your mind at ease that all is in hand. Take mobile numbers for everyone just in case!!

11. Ask your bridesmaids to help you put together a survival kit. Hair pins, mini can of hair spray, lip gloss, tissues, safety pins (everyone seems to need these at least once!!!), needle and thread, face powder, mints etc. You may not need it but if you do you’ll be very grateful you had it.

12. Smile, there’s nothing worse than a miserable bride. I appreciate this is usually down to nerves but conciously remind yourself to smile and enjoy it, this day only happens once (or is supposed to!!!)

13. Rescue Remedy. Invest in a bottle of Bach’s Rescue Remedy, you can buy it in Boots or health food stores. It works wonders at calming the nerves. Definitely better than a brandy!

14. Breathe! If you do start to feel anxious just focus on your breathing and nothing else. Sit down, grab a glass of water and breathe. Everyone will understand and will be happy to support you. If you’re one of my brides I will look after you. I take pride in being that calming influence. I know what I’m doing and I love it, therefore I can guarantee I won’t stop smiling and will do my best to make you laugh. I’m used to nerves and know how to tackle them. If you don’t want anyone else to know how you’re feeling you can take me to one side and I’ll help you deal with it. Make-up artist and therapist in one! A package deal 🙂

If none of this is helping you maybe this little story will…

Laura Billington nee Woolley (who one day if I’m lucky enough might be my sister in law!!) got married in August 2011 in the beautiful grounds of Gants Mill, Bruton. Everything was going to plan (as you would expect because she’s super organised), marquee dressed, suits all in order, flowers beautifully arranged by her mum, favours made and displayed, bridesmaids at her side, and guests getting ready in local hotels. All set for a wonderful day. My make-up area was in a hotel room in a nearby hotel we had talked timings on the day as I do with all my brides but there was one element that was always going to be a little bit tricky and unpredictable. Laura had a 5 week old baby – Henry!! This didn’t faze Laura one bit, or it didn’t seem to. I rarely have boys present on the wedding morning as Dad’s usually like to keep out of the way, but Henry was a wonderful edition. He focused Laura’s attention away from the stress and nerves of getting married and was so well behaved even with lots of ladies cooing all over him.The day was expertly planned around Henry’s feeds and I can’t have imagined the day without him.So next time you panic about your wedding day spare a thought for Laura – you can do it! Just have faith!


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