Eyebrows – The know how!

There are so many women out there that don’t shade in their eyebrows! You’re seriously missing out!! No you don’t have to look like a wide eyed loony which I think is the common misconception of enhancing your eyebrows. Doing it properly makes your eyes look wider and really can complete a look. Take a look at my step by step guide to the perfect eyebrows as requested by the lovely Amy Rogerson.


Step 1.

Pluck, wax or thread your eyebrows. Obviously if you’re looking to do this yourself then plucking is the best option. However there are some brilliant companies out there that offer waxing and threading. Watch this space as I’m planning on training in eyebrow threading very soon.


Tip 1
If you are going to pluck your own eyebrows then firstly ensure you buy a good pair of tweezers. I recommend Boots Essential Slanted tweezers, see link below. Bizarely they’re only £1 and really good!

Tip 2
If you have an event to pluck for try plucking before bed the night before rather than the morning. There’s nothing attractive about bright red skin around your brows!!

Tip 3
So to start plucking follow this simple rule – Never pluck above your eyebrows. Always pluck from below.

Tip 4
If you find plucking painful try rubbing an ice cube over the brow area to numb it before you pluck.

Tip 5
Remove stragglers that are loose above your nose

Tip 6
Create a tear drop shape to start your brows and allow them to gradually thin out as you work out towards the side of your head.

Tip 7
Never pluck in clumps, try to pluck one hair at a time. This way your should be able to remove it from the root rather than just nipping it off at skin level

Tip 8
Make sure your eyebrows match – the last thing you want is for them to look wonky so regularly check them in the mirror.


Step 2
Apply your base coat of foundation / powder as applying this over the top of your brows once they’ve been shaded in will result in them looking a little dusty and may move the eyebrow hairs out of place.


Step 3
Buy a good eyebrow shaper set. I prefer using the powders (like eyeshadow) rather than a liner as it’s easier to build it up and not over do it. Using a pencil can make it to heavy and it’s much harder to take it away than add it!

I recommend the Body Shop Brow and liner kit £10
This kit comes with a double ended applicator and two shades in the kit so you can blend to match the colourings in your brows. This will last you forever too as you use so little in each application.


The fatter end of the brush is for the wider side of your brows (closest to your nose) and the thinner end is for working outwards to wards the side of your head. The idea is that you colour your eyebrow hairs and not the skin underneath. Apply slowly and build it up, you don’t need very much to achieve an effect.


Please post questions if you need to know more!

E x

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