False eyelashes… the jurys out!

False eyelashes are the biggest and most common ‘do I, don’t I’ question brides have about their make-up. There is no easy answer as it’s all down to preference. But here’s my thoughts on why they may or may not work for you!

FrancesTaylorPhotography_ArnosVale064 2

1. False eyelashes can really open up your eyes and create a very fluttery feminine look

2. Do you generally wear a lot of make-up? Are you worried that you won’t look any different than normal once you’ve had your make-up done? Have you tried lashes before? If you can answer yes to all three questions then it’s definitely worth trying them out.

3. They add that sense of glamour that you might not be used to

4. If you always wear lashes then I would definitely say go for them, you might be disappointed if you don’t look how you’re used to. Remember there are lots of different types to go for and most good make-up artists will bring a healthy supply with them for you to chose from

5. If you have very short lashes, then ask to try them in your trial, all lashes can be trimmed down so don’t be afraid to say if you think they’re too long

6. If you definitely plan to wear them on your wedding day you must try them out on your trial, be sure you’re happy with how they are applied and make sure they go with the look and that they’re comfortable.





Ultimately it’s up to you, but talk your concerns / thoughts through with your make-up artist, she will know if it works with the style / look you’re going for and will help you chose the right set for you. They do feel strange at first but try to wear them all day to see if you can get used to it, most people do and by wearing them all day you’ll get used to how they look on you. Applied well false eye lashes can look fab, but use your trial to decide if it’s for you! That’s why you have a trial!

If you’re planning your own wedding and still need to book a make-up artist I’d love to hear from you!

E x

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