Is the ‘natural look’ the way to go for your big day or is that just playing it safe?!?!

I have to say ‘natural’ is probably the most used describing word when it comes to asking the vast majority of brides what make-up they’re looking for on their wedding day. There’s nothing wrong with going for the  natural look, in fact in many cases it’s advised but I often ask myself is this really what brides want or do they just not know how to put into words what they would really like! So this blog is really for those brides to  be out there. As much as I love a bit of free reign and a blank canvas to work on I also want my brides to be confident that they will like the make-up they’ve gone for.


Here’s a few tips on how to prepare for your make-up trial and get the most out of the experience

1. Prepare your skin

It’s probably quite high on your priority list already but if you want the best results on your wedding day looking after your skin from the word go is a must. Drink lots of water, exfoliate regularly and keep well moisurised will avoid any unwanted flakey skin or dry patches

2. Look around

Look out for make-up you love, cut images out of magazines, save them on the computer and show them to your make-up artist at your trial. Create a Pinterest board. Pinterest is brilliant for getting ideas, and logging thoughts about all sorts of things not just make-up!

3. Ummm no thanks!

It’s also very important to find looks you don’t want, same as above show these images to your make-up artist and be clear why you don’t like it

4. Have a discussion

Discuss your flowers, dress, bridesmaids etc and have images to show your make-up artist. It’s really important for them to know the extra details so they can make sure the make-up ties in with the rest of your day. Also talk about products, ask them what they use and tell them if there’s a product you would prefer they didn’t use

5. Get your hair done

If you can arrange your hair trial on the same day as your make-up (preferably hair first) this will help you see what the end result will eventually look like and will be less of a shock when you see yourself with more make-up than usual on!

6. Be honest…

This is the most important tip. If you’re not happy, say so! You’re paying them to do a job and you are entitled to look a million dollars and if you’re not sure about what your make-up artist has done, you must tell them. A good artist will appreciate the honesty and will help you create the look you do want. If she’s not willing to work with you then it’s clear she hasn’t got your best interests at heart!

7. Enjoy it!

This is supposed to be a fun and enjoyable experience. Get your Mum and your bridesmaids round to enjoy it with you, they will also give you a more honest opinion and will help you to decide if you’re happy.

Beautiful Gemma Cody Boucher

Just one of my beautiful brides

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