Real Weddings… Betsy’s Glamorous Day!


Welcoming Mrs Betsy Quartly-Hall…

Betsy picked up my card at a wedding fair and luckily for me she got in touch. She was planning a Spring wedding with her two sisters and her best friend as bridesmaids. Teal was her colour scheme and her wish for her make-up was to look glamorous  I love it when I’m asked to produce this!


Betsy has a 2 year old daughter Delilah and as most mothers do she dedicates most of her time to her daughter now. So feeling a million dollars on her wedding day was really important to her.

I met with Betsy and her lovely family just before Christmas. We talked colour schemes, her dress (I love this bit) and she had cleverly planned to have her hair done on the same day and had a wonderful beehive up do going on. I couldn’t wait to start playing.

We went straight for a strong dark brown eye colour with a gentle bronze shimmer. This complimented her hair colour and allowed plenty of black liquid eyeliner and of course a set of full false eyelashes to add to the glamour to finish off the look.

Products used to create this look: Body Shop Browns – eyeshadow cube, Body Shop eyeshadow in chocolate, Benefit Badgal Eyeliner and Mascara, Body Shop liquid Eyeliner.


She has fabulous cheekbones so it was important to emphasise these. I used, Make Up Academy Brightening concealer palette to cover any blemishes and  L’Oreal 16 hour infallible foundation to create a flawless look, followed by Body Shop Mineral foundation to create a matte finish. The contouring on the cheekbones was created with High Beam above the cheekbones and Make Up Academy mosaic blusher in a sweeping motion up towards the temples and along the cheekbones.


Betsy went for a very soft nude lip colour and topped up with a simple gloss throughout the day. I think you’ll agree she looked beautiful and the make-up worked very well with her hair –  I loved the full fringe which was apparently a late decision  a good one I think!

The Bridesmaids

905354_10152713023215507_616612229_o (2)

Betsy wanted her bridesmaids to all have silvery make-up. The same make-up isn’t something I would usually advise purely because everyone has very different skin tones and colourings and one colour might not suit everyone. In this instance her bridesmaids were all quite different in looks and whilst I used the same make-up on each girl I applied it in 3 slightly different ways to make it work for them. They all were excited about having their make-up done and were a little apprehensive about it but were very happy with the results.

Products used to create this look…


Body Shop Baked-Eye-colour in Moonstone, Body Shop Shimmer cubes palette 07, Benefit Badgal eyeliner and Benefit Badgal Waterproof mascara. I used a number of blushers on the girls as they all have very different skin tones, including… Body Shop Mineral Loose Powder Cheek in Golden Pink, Make Up Academy Mosaic Bronzer in Sunkissed Glow, Body Shop Cheek Blush in rose and Golden Coral and Bourjois Blush in Rose Frisson. It might sounds like a lot but remember your face isn’t one colour and for the most natural look buy a number of shades and use a little of each and blend well with a big face brush.  The girls all wore Mac Lipstick in Fanfare.

Mother of the Bride…


Betsy’s Mum loves her make-up, and was very concerned that it should match her outfit (but of course). We discussed this in detail at Betsy’s trial and she mentioned she might treat herself to a selection of make-up to use on the day. This is never a problem for me in fact it often makes life easier especially when the person in question’s favourite brand is Estee Lauder. I love ES make-up but can’t afford to have it all so when I was greeted on the morning with a glorious selection of make-up for me to use I was very excited. She wasn’t afraid of make-up in fact loves it and like me doesn’t feel ready for the day without it. So I got going on her look using the  Estee Lauder eyeshadow set called raisins. A soft peachy pink colour with a dark burgundy to compliment it. I used the paler colour over the whole lid and applied this generously. I used the dark burgundy colour to create shadow in the out corners and then blended well. Lashings of eyeliner and mascara finished the eye look. She has great skin so a wash of her favourite Estee Lauder foundation gave her a comforting, flawless glow.


This was my first wedding of the year and I loved every minute of it. It’s always a pleasure to spend time with a family on one of the most exciting and nervous days of their lives. To share in their joy and laughter but also to ease any last minute nerves. There’s a definite feeling of responsibility that you’re used to this scenario and you’re looked at to be calm and confident and to help relax everyone in the room. I personally love this responsibility and can’t wait to head off for my next wedding on Saturday in Exmoor!

Thank you for reading

E x

All images in this blog were taken by Thomas Frost Photography

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