Battle of the brands!!!

In the last few years I find myself more and more aimlessly wandering around the cosmetic aisles of big department stores trying out lip colours, eye liners and eye shadow shades, desperately trying to spend my monthly make-up budget on the right products. It reminds me of being 5 and standing in the sweet shop with my 10p coin on in my sweaty palm on a Friday after school trying to decide how best to spend my money!!


I just love everything remotely make-up based , I’m addicted to new products and read blog after blog to try to keep up with the trends, but the minute I’m faced with a wall of products I’m completely over whelmed with what to buy.


I’m sure like most of you I have my favourite brands but I’m always wanting to try other products and would be really interested to know what your recommendations are but also what products you’ve found that have failed you. It’s so easy to find positive reviews but where are all the negative ones hiding?!?!


My top 5 make-up brands are Benefit, Mac, Body Shop, Bobbi Brown and strangely to some of you Boots No7. However I only buy certain products from each of the above. For instance Benefit is great it’s very individual products such as Benetint, High Beam and it’s fabulous black eye liner. Mac do just the best lipsticks and have a wonderful range of colours. Body Shop is great for it’s intense eye shadows and make-up brushes. Bobbi Brown also have a wonderful selection of lipsticks but their blushers and cheek colours are brill. Finally Boots No7, it’s the most high street of the brands mentioned and probably the most common and by far the cheapest but certain products are great. I love their face creams, luxuriously creamy and sink into your skin perfectly and it’s so easy to pick the  the right cream for your skin type too.


So these are currently my personal favourite brands. I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you chose to use. What are your top 5 make-up brands and why? But also the products you wouldn’t recommend and why. Surely we should be sharing this with each other to avoid wasting money!
I can’t guarantee all products I mention on this site will be suitable for everyone. I am going on previous personal experiences when using these products on both myself and my clients. I am happy to provide personal recommendations if you would like to contact me directly.

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