Skincare tips for a bride to be…

Well the wedding season is in full swing and my diary is packed full of weddings and trials and yesterday one of my best friends and beautiful brides asked me to write about looking after your skin in the run up to your wedding. This is a topic I like to discuss with a bride on her trial to ensure she keeps her skin in tip top condition and to give make-up the best base to start with.


So here’s a few simple tips that any bride can follow and don’t require spending oodles of spondoodles!

1. Exfoliate

Pick up a facial scrub, something like St Ives Apricot Scrub invigorating it’s roughly £4 – £5 and works a treat to remove dull and dead skin and also helps with blackheads if you’re a sufferer. I would advise using the scrub every other day for about 4 weeks running up to the big day.



2. Look after your lips

If you’re not a lipstick wearer than lip care may not be at the top of your priority list, but you’ll probably find that you’ll wear lipstick on your wedding day due to it’s longer lasting and less chance of transfer benefits, over a gloss. But this will mean your lips need to be in good condition. So at least a week before the big day grab an old toothbrush (if you have one) or buy a mega cheap one and a pot of lip balm (any kind). Then exfoliate your lips twice a day using them. You’ll find they become plumper and redder too – win win! For best results use the bursh in circular motions on your lips and blot on a tissue regularly to remove the dead skin.

3. Up your water in take

Most of us don’t drink enough water, if you can just up your in take by 1 pint a day I guarantee you’ll start seeing the benefits.


4. Superfoods for your face…

Yes these really exist, so eat more broccoli, grapefruit and and lettuce

5. Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise

Boring I know but following these 3 steps religiously in the last 4 weeks before the big day will give your skin the best chance possible. Ditch the face wipes and use gentle cotton wool in circular motions instead of wiping make-up away. Buy a cleanser, toner and moisturiser from the same brand. They will compliment each other. I recommend the Body Shop Vitamin E range for all skin types, it’s really gentle and soft smelling.

6. Sun protection

If you don’t already have one, buy a foundation with a good SPF in it. It will look after your skin as the weather gets warmer and helps to avoid red nose syndrome!!

7. Sleep

I’m sure the wedding dreams have well and truly kicked in by the final month but getting enough shut eye is vital. Go to bed about half an hour before normal. Take a book to bed to read to get you off to sleep and keep a note pad by the bed for those moments when you wake in the middle of the night and need to remind the florist about an extra buttonhole!


8. Eyebrows

Get your eyebrows shaped, initially about 4 weeks before (especially if you’re not used to it) and then again about 2 days before the big day. Eyebrows really help to shape your face and can really complete a look. Ask your make-up artist to remove any escaping hairs on the morning as it’s inevitable a couple of miserly ones will have grown!

Leanne_Ben -31 (ZF-0932-90441-1-004)

9. Eyes

Start using eye cream before bed. I recommend Benefit ‘It’s Potent’ eye cream, but any eye cream is better than noting! Use it daily applying a small amount with your 4th finger under your eyes up to the crows feet area.

10. Leave it well alone

If you are prone to spot break outs – don’t pick, leave it alone and it will go away a lot quicker! I promise!! If you suffer from something more extreme in skin conditions arrange a meeting with your GP and see if they can put you in touch with a dermatologist.


Ultimately don’t panic, you’ll naturally glow from happiness on the day and the best make-up you can wear is a smile so if you do any of the above then it’s just a bonus!


Have you got married recently? Is there any tips you can recommend that I’ve missed?

E x


All products and tips provided have come from personal experience with myself and my clients. I can’t guarantee all recommended products and techniques will work for everyone.

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