How to clean your make-up brushes!

As requested by my lovely friend Naomi here’s a quick blog on how to clean your make-up brushes and generally ensuring they last longer and you get the best out of them.

How many of you regularly clean your make-up brushes? Come on honesty please? I know it seems like an unnecessary job. But trust me its worth the few minutes it takes to do it to get the most out of your brushes and to make them last longer.

What should I wash them with?

Mac have a Make-up brush cleanser, which they sell at £9.50, it’s very good, smells nice, disinfects your brushes and claims to make them last longer. However for me this feels a like a bit of an expense for most people who are only cleaning their brushes for personal use. As an alternative I would recommend an antibacterial washing up liquid and very hot water. You’ll need the hot water to kill any germs and also to break down the more greasy make-up products like foundation.

How often should I do this?

This very much depends on how often you use your brushes. Foundation brushes should be washed every 5 – 7 uses, as the more make-up clogging up the bristles the more likely you are to have a streaky look and no one wants that!

Eyeshadow and lipstick brushes should be washed after every use. This will ensure that any previous colours on the bristles don’t mix and you’ll get a much cleaner result. Equally concealer brushes must be washed between uses for obvious reasons.

I would also advise you wash your blusher brush maybe once a month, it will take longer to dry than the others as there are more bristles but it will be so much softer as a result!

Go clean to your hearts content!

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