On trend lips and how to wear them well…

You may or may not know but bright and bold lips are really in at the moment. In fact they’ve been in for some time but if you’re a bit like me you wait for a trend to ‘settle in’ before going for it yourself. However now that I’ve embraced the idea of bold lips I don’t really want to stop it, I love them and they can really add a little bit of something different to a look and with one swipe of a lip brush you’ve added real glamour and confidence to a look. I love it.

I’m writing this specially for my friend Debbie who calls herself an ‘avid reader of my blog’ (I love this). So as soon as she asked about how to apply lipstick so that it stays and how to wear lippy well I got going on wearing some different shades everyday. – Thanks Debs! 🙂

So to start off with here’s how to apply your lippy so it stays.

Step 1

Whilst you’re doing your foundation apply a thin layer of lip balm (not Vaseline as it doesn’t soak in as well)

Step 2 

Once you’ve moved onto your eye make-up, blot your lips on a tissue (not loo roll as it tends to leave fibres behind) to remove most of the lip balm residue.

Lip Plump base

Step 3

Step 3

Apply a lip primer – something like Benefit Lip Plump works a treat, just a thin layer with a lip brush – let this dry and finish off your eye make-up. A primer gives you a good base to start on, makes them look plumper (hence the name) and helps to stop lipstick from flaking away when you eat.

Lips lined and blended 1

Step 4

Step 4 

Blot your lips again and apply lip liner, the picture above shows how I’ve applied it to all of the lips. Start by lining the lips then fill in the lips with the liner too and blend with a lip brush. This will make the lip stick stick to the liner and last loner. Try and make sure your liner matches you lipstick or is a shade lighter.

Bewitching coral 4

Step 5

Step 5

Finally apply your lipstick, always with a lip brush, take your time to fully cover all of your lips. Once your happy you’ve fully covered them blot them on a tissue and apply another layer and blot again. Blotting should stop any transfer later, on glasses or when kissing etc! This lipstick is Maxfactor Lipstick in Bewitching Coral – thank you Kelly (one of my brides) for introducing me to this lushcious shade!

Here are a few examples of other bold lip colours you could try.

Revlon red lips 3

Revlon Lipstick in Revlon Red

Bobbi brown valencia orange

Bobbi Brown Lipstick in Valencia Orange

Make up academy pink lips good

Make Up Academy Lipstick in shade 02

Applied well your lipstick should last around 3- 4 hours sometimes longer if you’re really lucky and don’t gorge on lots of food! You can’t expect miracles remember – if you eat you’re very likely to need to reapply!!

Today's look

Today’s make-up! Keep it simple and you can be brave on the lips!

If you want an idea of a make-up look to pair with bold colours here’s what I went for today – basically keep it simple and you’re pretty safe – this look also incorporates the eye liner blog I did very recently, so take a look at that blog for a guide on how to apply it.


4 thoughts on “On trend lips and how to wear them well…

  1. Following your blog advice, today I have purchased a lip liner and Body Shop Translucent Lip Care so that my lips will (hopefully) look bright and beautiful!!
    I’ve always found lip balms to be too oily for me but the Body Shop Lip Care I got today feels amazing! Very excited, going to put it all to the test tomorrow for a family day at Crealy. We’ll see what lasts the longest; the lips or the kids 😉 xx

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