Make-up Product of the week…

I’m sorry I’ve been a little quiet recently but things have gone a little crazy in my life. Not only am I working full time and have my bridal business in full seasonal swing but we’re buying a house! Yippee! It’s very exciting but suddenly we have 3 years worth of accumulated rubbish to sort out and every free moment is spent clearing, cleaning and packing.

But I thought I would talk to you about a product I’ve recently been using and love. It’s called Helen e shimmer eye powder. It comes in this gorgeous little bottle and so doesn’t take up too much room in your make-up bag. It’s also a steal at just £5.




helen e 4

Anyone who knows me knows I just love a bit of shimmer, anything that sparkles make me very happy and this pot is for this reason a little pot of joy. I’ve got it in a bronze shade 13, but they make them in 32 different shades. This definitely isn’t the only colour I’m going to buy it in.

Application is relatively easy, now I never usually say this but application is easiest with your finger. I start a look with a non descript creamy base coat which I work upwards towards the eye brow. This gives you a good base and removes any discolouration you might have in your eyelids. It also helps to blend the colours in. Now you can use a small brush to apply the shimmer powder but I find that it has a tendency to flick down onto your cheeks or your nose. Applying it with you finger has more of an impact and you get a better coverage of colour. I would however then use a blender brush to blend into the upper lids so you have more of a graduated colour. A quick sweep of eyeliner on your upper and lower lids and and flash of mascara and you’re done.

helen e 3

On a day to day basis I would normally use other shades on lids and not just one colour but the shimmer effect in this powder is enough on it’s own. I highly recommend it.

You can buy Helen e cosmetics here

Disclaimer: All my product reviews are based on my own experience. I can’t guarantee every product I recommend will work for every reader.

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