Thought for the day… how to wear foundation well…

This is just a quick thought for the day… I don’t normally do this but it really bothers me so I’ve decided to write about it….

I was sitting on the bus this morning and group of girls got on all dolled up for college and I couldn’t help but notice how badly applied their foundation was. I appreciate not everyone is a whizz with make-up but there are a few simple rules to ensuring you don’t leave the house looking a) fake and b) like your head is separate to the rest of your body.

Now I’m a true believer in make-up should enhance you and make you look and feel more fabulous and it’s for this reason that I find it baffling that so many girls apply a foundation numerous shades darker than their actual skin tone and then they apply it so thick that any slight itch reveals a virtually white mark underneath. The vast majority of the time these girls have great skin and would actually look better with no make-up at all.  My biggest bug bear is the foundation face / neck line, where the foundation stops in one neat line under your chin up to your ear. I wish I had an example to show you but I couldn’t bring myself to do it on me and funnily enough I don’t think these girls would like me to approach them for a photo for my blog!! But I think you all know where I’m coming from.

A&J extras WEB 013

Amy with just her base make up on – fresh faced! Photo by Benjamin Thapa

The key is in the blending and of using other products such as bronzer to help create a more even skin tone and to add definition. Here are a few quick tips to avoid such an occurrence.

1. Chose a foundation as close to your skin tone as possible, test it on your jawline and blend it in as much as possible when doing this test as this will give you a good idea of whether it’s the right shade.

2. Apply your foundation in thin layers using a brush, you can always add more but it’s really hard to take it away.

3. Use concealer on problem areas and not a heavier layer of foundation and try powder over the top to help hide these problems.

4. Blend your foundation down your neck almost to where your collarbone begins.

5. Use a bronzer (particularly in the summer months) to help match your face to the rest of your body, but be careful not to over do it on the bronzer, no one likes the tangoed look! And again blend into your neck too.

6. This should probably have been tip 1 but use a mirror in good light, daylight is best if possible, everything looks different in artificial light.


Kelly having her base applied. Photo by Abi Moore Photography

Like I said I appreciate that it’s not everyone’s forte but the key is less is more and blend blend blend!!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic so feel free to message me or comment…

3 thoughts on “Thought for the day… how to wear foundation well…

  1. Like I said on Twitter earlier, I was guilty of this today. Thankfully I spotted my mistake before I left for work. I didn’t just look silly though. I also noticed that without a good base/foundation, I’d ruined all my other make up. It was easy to fix with my foundation brush, so I didn’t have to face any embarrassment. A lot of young girls experiment with make up and it can take a few years to really know what they’re doing. I know we’ve probably all made some terrible make up faux pas while growing up – eyeliner as lipliner, anyone?! I wish I had someone like you on hand when I was learning the ropes!

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