Product Review – Be a Bombshell, Onyx Eyeliner pen

As most of you know I’m a subscriber to Glossybox and this month I was sent a particularly great box, including Eyelure Lashes, Elizabeth Arden ‘Untold’ Perfume (a decent sample sized bottle too), Toni and Guy ‘Classic Shine and Gloss serum’ – which is fab, the Original Nipple Balm for lips (look it up), and Onyx Be a Bombshell Eyeliner pen. Being a make-up fiend this is obviously the product I’ve decided to review.

Picture 001

It was delivered in quite a cool black and white little box, which unfortunately went in the bin after the first open as the flap ripped on opening – I think I was a little too eager to see the contents! 🙂 The design of the pen itself is a little dull, with simply this writing and the ‘made in’ info on the back. I feel there’s room for improvement here.

Picture 002


The pen itself looks just like a felt tip pen and it’s pretty easy to use really. my advise is lift you lid upwards or outwards to create a flat surface and simply drawn a line along the lashline. You can easily draw a thin line due to the narrow contouring at the end of the pen or a fatter line should you wish. I would advise to only use this pen on the upper eyelid though as I did find applying it underneath resulted in smudging pretty quickly really.

Picture 003


You get a very neat and strong black line using this pen and the black is very black! I do wonder how long it will last and whether in a few weeks it will dry up but for now it seems to work fine. I do occasionally have to give it a shake to get fluid back to the tip but that’s no hardship. It’s a very neat product with a good strong lid so no worries about it falling off in your handbag and ruining the lining.


Be aware that if you’re applying over eyeshadow it’s not quite as easy to use and it grips to the shadow and the colour isn’t so strong. I would advise a couple of layers and then it will work a lot better.


Ultimately it’s a good eyeliner, great to chuck in your bag and easy to use. I don’t believe it’s on general sale in this country yet but you can buy Be a Bombshell eyeliner and other cosmetics here and this is currently retailing at $14.

I give it…


E x

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