The proposal….

Now some of you I’m sure love a good proposal story and some of you would rather scratch your own eyes out, hence the very obvious title of this post. If you’re the latter then please feel free to continue browsing elsewhere, I won’t be offended. Putting this down in writing is a little selfish really as I’m worried that one day I might forget how special (and quite funny) it was. So here goes…

So it’s Valentines day, Tom doesn’t do V day and neither do I really but when he asked me if I could cancel my dinner plans with one of my closest friends as he wanted to take me away for the night I could hardly say no! And yes I did book dinner out with my friend on Valentines day… romantic huh! Anyway he picked me up from work and we raced or attempted to race through crazy Bristol traffic trying to get to Bath as apparently we had to be ready for dinner for 7pm, and well I need a good half hour at least in front of the mirror to spruce myself up for such an occasion. After me telling a story in the car about how someone had asked me if I was married yet and managed to have a row about the traffic we finally pulled up outside the beautiful Bath Priory Hotel. It was idyllic, apart from the storm brewing outside it was just perfect. We were then whisked upstairs to our room, ‘The Orchid Suite’ where champagne, flowers, chocolates, rose petals, the works was waiting for me. It’s safe to say I was a very happy bunny and had to of course show off the room as way of a facebook post to declare my excitement! This turns out, annoyed my future husband somewhat as the comments that followed seemed to know what was about to happen far more than I did…


After I finally turned my work email off and relaxed with my first of many glasses of champagne, it was time to go down for dinner. Little did I know that Tom was waiting for the right moment to pop the question and I ‘just had to reply to one more email, or I just need to top up my lippy’ sentences kept coming out of my mouth, it seems I’m pretty hard to surprise or so I thought! Now some might say didn’t you see it coming? You were in a beautiful hotel with the full valentines works and urm nothing??? Nope I really didn’t!

So we went down to dinner, where a 9 course Michelin star taster menu awaited! We do enjoy our food and especially a meal like this. It was just stunning, there were veloutes here and duck cooked in a water bath there, all washed down by a wine flight which is probably why the meal is all a bit of a blur now. Normally we like to photograph our food (yes we’re those annoying people) but being that our room was just upstairs and not wanting to be disturbed we left all technology in the room, and I can’t for the life of me remember what we ate, but it was delicious and we will be back (I hope).

After the most wonderful meal and a lot of giggles oh and another wedding related story that I threw in unknowingly (ooops!) we headed to the bar for a night cap before bed. Ended up chatting to an older couple from Weston-Super-Mare, they were very funny but slightly filthy so it mean’t we left pretty quickly!

Looking back I don’t quite understand why he made me /him wait so long but anyway! We went back to the room and I decided to take advantage of all the gorgeous products and the bath robe that comes with the room, so I unknowingly disappeared into the bathroom for what must have been at least 20 minutes! Sorry Tom! When I finally emerged make-up free, and moisturised up to the nines, he was sat on the huge bed with a glass of fizz in hand and the TV was off –  this was my first clue!!!

We had a bit of chat and he was being unusually nice (2nd clue), and then suddenly to me and what seemed like out of nowhere he said ‘Emily Faith Burt… will you marry me?’ He flung his arms around me and muffled my answer (yes) with his hugging! I couldn’t tell if the hug was relief or emotion but whatever it was it was so special. Suddenly I realised that he had held this secret in all night and I’d had no idea, he’d played a very good game. My friends and family will vouch that I’m not easy to surprise!

He then launched into this story about the ring. The ring? I’d totally forgotten that there’s supposed to be a ring. I’ve never been proposed to before so the fact that he didn’t do it with a ring hadn’t even occurred to me. Apparently he’d been to collect the ring during his lunch hour and the card reader in the shop wouldn’t read his card, bless him! He then had the agonising decision about whether to do it or not, after stiff words from my future mother and father-in-law, he decided to go ahead and I’m so glad he did. I really couldn’t care less that I had to wait, what turned out to be 14 hours for the ring. As the following day we went to the jewelers and managed to sort it. A beautiful single diamond solitaire set in white gold. Just what I had hope for and very me. The boy did good.



I always said ‘Tom will never propose to me on Valentines day’ I always thought he would desperately want to surprise me and well this was probably the only way to do it! It worked and I’m head over heels! Can’t wait to be Mrs Woolley!

I promise not to write lots of posts about my wedding, well much!!

E x

P.S As we drove away the following day he said, ‘so same time same place next year?’ I laughed, to which he answered, ‘no I’ve booked our room for next Valentines day’. Just gorgeous, I’m so lucky!


Anne-Marie and Ian’s vintage day

HayTomsFINALS (73)


I had to open this blog with this most stunning photograph of my bride Anne-Marie from her wedding morning back in early July. All the images in this blog were captured by the very talented Leah Photography.


Our story began back at the beginning of the year. I was busy chatting in the office of my full-time job as a Production Manager with a a colleague about my make-up business when the guy in the corner of the office who had been working on another production asked for more information about my wedding business. My confusion behind why he was asking was soon dispelled when he explained he was getting married later in the year and he knew his fiance hadn’t found her make-up artist yet. Like most women she wasn’t sure who to ask or where to start and was afraid of looking anything other than a more polished version of herself. I passed my website details onto Ian (the groom) with the hope that Anne-Marie might get in  touch and thankfully she did!
HayTomsFINALS (0)


On the morning of the wedding I’d made the 40 minute drive accross the River Severn to Wales and had pulled up in the hotel car park in  Cardiff ready to find my bride to be. I’d been told that she had atranged a suite for us to get ready in, but I had no idea just how huge the space was going to be and even though it was a very misty morning the view was utterly amazing.

HayTomsFINALS (79)

Check out the view – awesome! The bride doesn’t look bad either ey!!

Anne-Marie was a super calm bride, a doctor by trade this was going to be a walk in the park or at least that was the impression she gave.

HayTomsFINALS (68)

Wonderful dress and veil

The look we perfected for her in her trial was quite vintage in style. Anne-Marie has a stunning rosey complexion so no bronzer here. I went for pinky blusher to enhance her cheek bones and added High Beam by Benefit on the tops of her cheek bones to add even more definition.

HayTomsFINALS (67)

We chose a a mix of shades on her eyes. I started with Bourjois eyeshadow in Champagne as a base, then the Body Shop shimmer cube set in Warm 06. I used the peachy colour from this set lightly at the corners. I then used the ruby pink shade from the shimmer cube set 07 into the creases from the outer corners. I then used the grey shade from the 06 set gently into the outer corners. I ran the dark brown shadow along the lashline, I wet an eyeliner brush first then loaded up the brush before running along the lashline. I then added a thin line of Bobbi Brown Gel liner in Black ink and used the brides own mascara. Anne -Marie wore Revlon Lipstick in Cappuchino on her lips, a gentle shimmery coffee lip shade.

HayTomsFINALS (2)




Her mum was relatively shy when it came to the make-up application and so bravely put her trust in me to do what I felt was right. With this in mind I took a look at her outfit, a goldy grey coloured dress suit. I paired her eyemake-up to suit. I used a very light grey base shadow with a gold shimmer over the entire lid but very subtly. A small amount of brown liner and mascara was enough to finish this look. The lipstick was her own, a neutral brown shade.

HayTomsFINALS (106)

Anne-Marie’s bridesmaid were wearing beautiful dusky pink dresses. Jennie had bought an eyeshadow she wanted to use especially, Mac Smokey Mauve. It was fab, really shimmery and complimented the dresses perfectly. I enhanced this shade with a darker aubergine colour in the outer corners.

HayTomsFINALS (14)


HayTomsFINALS (104)


Angana, also wore this shade, but I blended it with a lighter pink as she felt that it was a little dark for her. Angana wanted more of an eye flick than Jennie so with Bobbi Brown gel eye liner and a very fine brush I created a flick. Lashings of mascara finished off the look.

HayTomsFINALS (105)

HayTomsFINALS (16)

Pretty ladies!

HayTomsFINALS (18)

All three looks worked so well together!

Congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs Hay it was a pleasure to be part of your day!

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The double eye flick…

Just a quickie to show you the make-up I went for yesterday…

Double eye flick

I wanted something quick but long lasting as I had a busy day of a road trip to Weston-Super-Mare, gardening and we planned a sunset picnic and I didn’t really want to be touching my make up, up all day.

Face: Make Up Academy Brightening concealer, I used Maxfactor Lasting Performance foundation in Natural Beige, applied with a foundation Brush, more concealer where it was needed (I’ve not got the best skin at the moment), finally True Match pressed powder in Golden Beige.

Cheeks: Make Up Academy Mosaic Bronzer in Sunkissed Glow – love this! Such a bargain at just £2.50 and gives the best contouring!

Eyebrows: Body Shop brow kit 03

Eyes: Mac Peek at you eyeshadow over the entire lid up to the brow, applied with Mac eyeshader brush 239 – this shade gives a bit of a glow without wearing full eyeshadow. Mac Brown Eyeliner under the eye for a less harsh look. Maybelline Gel Eyeliner in Brown. Again I love this product it comes with a brush and as you can see from the picture has a slight shimmery bronze look to it. It’s really easy to apply with the brush in small strokes. I went for the double eye flick look. Simply start with the lower flick on each eye, as big or as small as you want, using the brush and gently flicking it outwards. Use a cotton bud to mop up any mistakes. Then follow the line of the eye further up to add your 2nd flick. It’s really feminine and girly, and almost gives the illusion of fluttery lashes from afar! Give it a go it’s not that hard honest!

Lips: As it was the day time I went for a simple lip light lip colour. I’m loving Revlon Cappuccino Lipstick at the moment, the shine on it is great and it’s really long lasting. Apply a liner (I went for Maxfactor Mauve Moment) use this generously along the edges of your lips and blend into your lips gently with a brush avoiding smudging the outer line. The fill in your lips with the lipstick with a lip brush and blot well. Your lipstick should last you a good 4 hours.

Of course this could be made into an evening look by switching the brown liners for black, enhancing the flicks to make them bigger and a bolder lip!

E x